Our Story

ICON Management Services, Inc. is a Florida-based property management company that was founded in 2007 by CEO Dennis Colletti. Our company has built a team of professionals such as on-staff agronomists, PGA qualified golf professionals, licensed community association managers, PCAMs, lifestyle and fitness directors, accountants, and more—all with the expertise to deliver unparalleled services in management. With a preliminary emphasis on golf course management, ICON has since grown into an expansive company that manages notable Golf & Country Clubs and Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) across Florida and beyond.

As of mid-end of 2016, ICON has been managing an increasing number of more than 100 HOAs, seven Golf & Country Clubs, over eight restaurants, nearly 20,000 doors, and well over 500 employees. Our company continues to acquire numerous communities from some of the nation’s largest builders.

ICON’s current growth and exponential success can be charted back to the company’s infancy. With a background in golf and country clubs, CEO Dennis Colletti was accustomed to a very high level of service in the industry. Upon entrance into HOA management, he and current President of ICON, Wes Miller, observed that the industry was deficient in such excellence of care. Immediately thereafter, they became deeply devoted to cultivating an incomparably high service level in ALL aspects of property management, not just golf.

Our Mission

This company is founded upon a deep-rooted belief in providing genuinely caring service— “ICONIC” service— a belief that is shared and practiced by each ICON Team Member. Anyone can learn to acquire skills or "get a job done.” However, unconditional positive regard and genuine care for people is harder to come by. It is this genuine service that has lead us to where we are; it is our driving core value, our mission:

CONSISTENTLY deliver GENUINE service in a PROFESSIONAL manner.

The projected growth of this company depends on the truly genuine group of ICONIC individuals who are engaged and involved within their communities. We understand that clients want more than a systematic transaction; they want authentic, emotional connections. Many companies can “get the job done,” but not all abide by delivering genuine, compassionate care.